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How should I prepare for my joint replacement surgery (FAQs)?

Will I get some written instructions about how to prepare for surgery?
Everything to expect and what you need to do has been written in a booklet that we will
give you at the time of booking your surgery. It covers everything from what preparation
you need to do, appointments, tests, physiotherapy, wound care and more in much greater
detail than this blog. This blog post is simply a brief overview.

What is joint school?
You will be invited to attend a group medical appointment, “Joint School”, to learn about
your surgery and how to look after your wound and implant. You will have the opportunity
to ask questions and learn from the questions of other patients who will be having surgery
at around the same time as you with Dr Connon. You will be provided with crutches and
learn how to use them before your surgery.

Can my partner/friend come to joint school with me?
Yes, this is encouraged. A support person can help with remembering what was discussed. It
is helpful to have a trusted person around you to help you, especially if they may be
involved with your care after your operation.

What should I do in the two weeks before my surgery?

  • Consider the location of furniture and rugs in your house to make it crutches friendly.
  • Please avoid gardening or home renovations during this period; if you get a scratch we may have to postpone your surgery due to minimising infection risk.
  • Reach out to friends/family to help with social supports during your recovery.
  • Consider freezing some nutritious meals to make things easier during those first few weeks after surgery.

What should I pack in my hospital bag?

  • Loose clothing: We recommend loose, comfortable clothing to relax in after your surgery.
    Specifically, for hip replacements we recommend men’s boxer style
    underwear, including for the ladies, to avoid irritating your wound. For shoes,
    comfortable slip-ons that don’t require laces are ideal.
  • Entertainment: Whilst the hospital physiotherapist will get you up and walking soon after
    your surgery, there will still be a lot of time to relax in bed. There is hospital
    wifi and most patients enjoy bringing entertainment; maybe a book, an iPad
    or some knitting.
  • Crutches: You will be fitted for these at joint school. Please bring them with you on
    your surgery day so you’ll be ready to get walking straight away afterwards.
  • Snacks: The medications for pain and anaesthetic can make you nauseous, so it’s
    helpful to pack some of your favourite snacks to help boost your appetite
    whilst you’re in hospital.